Harrington and richardson revolver serial numbers

32, . 32 S&W (PR40578) $239. 22 caliber. It looks like it was made yesterday. Worcester Mass USA. Condition: Excellent. Bakelite grips, 4" Barrel and overall in good pre-owned Vintage condition. 38 S&W (will also accept the British . The date is the Letter before the serial H& R 1871, LLC (Harrington& Richardson) is a manufacturer of firearms under the Harrington& Richardson and New England Firearms trademarks. HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON (H&R) MODEL 950 . 00 as of 2014. S. 357 magnum, will be an issue due to their length Sep 07, 2014 · Ihave a Harrington and Richardson revolver, appears to be 38 cal. Bore & gun clean. Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “H. 1972 72C prefix before Ser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Make: Harrington & Richardson . K=1996 L=1997 M=1998 N=1999 P=2000 R=2001 S=2002 T=2003 U=2004 V=2005 HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON SERIALIZATION 1940-1982 Year starting S. 32 S&W Long revolver. Seller: Bill Thompson. Valley Historical Museum has the Floor Foreman's day books of Safety Hammerless production, logged by serial numbers each day, so it's possible to pinpoint the exact date an individual gun was made and placed in the Vault. Locks up tight. I have been the only one to fire it and it has less than 100 rounds though it. H&R Model 929 . the american double action * safety hammer double action * h & r bulldog * 32-6 shot 38-5 shot 41-5 shot . 25 Oct 2013 Big River Guns : There should be a serial number prefix on the H&R. First variation, with a single patent date stamped on the top of the barrel. A. If they don’t show enough interest, the shooters will get a chance at a nice target revolver that has a very nice bore and cylinder lockup and a great trigger. " The serial number is engraved in the butt end of the frame "4782XX". The original H&R firm was in business for over a century from 1871 to 1986. about the old firearms. Hopkins & Allen. Richardson. 32 S&W Top Break Revolver - Duration: 5:54 Re: Harrington& Richardson S&W 38 CTGE Breaktop Revolver- Worth/Safe to shoot? Any in The roll-stamp on top of the barrel determines the model and variation, which in turn determines the year, or range of years it was made. supplies vintage, hard-to-find, and obsolete gun parts and accessories for commercial and military firearms of US and foreign manufacture such as 1911, Beretta, Browning, Colt, Lorcin, M1 Garand, Raven, Remington, Savage, Winchester etc. Top Break Over Hard rubber bulls eye grip handles. The NRA technical  7 Aug 2011 38 Caliber, spur trigger single action revolver, 3" octagonal barrel, 5 or 7 shot fluted cylinder, flat frame, saw-handle square butt plain walnut or  3 Sep 2016 “ I get e-mails even from police saying, 'Can you type in the serial number and tell me who the gun is registered to?' Every week. I've been told that Marlin made many guns of similar style, all sold under the names of the distributor. Double action. The short-barreled gun came with round butt and plastic grips, while the latter pair had full-sized grips and adjustable rear sights. H & R Auto Ejecting Harrington and Richardson Worcester, Mass. Leather hoster included. Revolver (Serial #333898) Top break 5-round double-action revolver with matching serial numbers dimensions: Length 3 1/4 inches (barrel length) Dec 15, 2011 · Source(s): I have a H&R Model 922 revolver. On top of the barrel is stamped Harrington and Richardson Arms Company. 32 Cal’ and ‘H & R Arms Company Worcester Mass, USA, 32 S&W CTGE ’. Bluing over pitting. It has blueing finish and a Hard (plastic H&R SPORTSMAN 999 IN 22LR WITH A 6 IN BARREL THE GUN IS IN ABOUT 95% CONDITION WITH LITTL HOLSTER WEAT ON THE END OF THE BARREL IT HAS ADJ. Mar 22, 2014 · This post describes the design and shooting characteristics of a Harrington & Richardson Model 732, . Caliber:. on some models there was a harrington richardson worcester mass. Harrington & Richardson, Inc. Regular serial numbers began with 5,000 which was shipped October 15, 1932. 4in, Topbreak, Blue**NO RESERVE**. Harrington, the inventor of the top-break revolver, and William A. i have not been able to search for the mfg. Harrington & Richardson's Self-Loading Pistol The turn of the 19th century saw the introduction of a type of handgun and cartridge that would become the overwhelming choice of police agencies, military officers, and civilian gun owners around the world except--and this should come as no surprise--in the United States. 3-1/4 round barrel with raised sight bar on the top. This is a Harrington & Richardson Premier Model double action revolver chambered in the . We provide original gun parts, collectible firearms, and related merchandise with integrity, quality, and service, which are the strengths of our business. U. I don't know what caliber it was. It does come with a spare cylinder in 22 mag. Signs of wear and use. 1982, cont. 863 . One Harrington & Richardson model 922 9 shot . Various models were made, but the H&R Model 949 used in this review features blued metal (with the exception of the hammer) and one piece wood grips. Function to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions. Long Guns Break Open Pump Semi-Automatic. $400 HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON MODEL 686 . RG Model 40 Cylinder W. DNZ Products Harrington & Richardson Scope Mount - High, Black 11003T $9. After 1905, each model had a unique series of numbers MOSTLY. This particular pistol has the extremely low serial number of 276, and was one of the initial production of the Type 1 pistol, with only 1760 Type 1 Antique Harrington Richardson Top Break Revolver, 38 SW Caliber, 3-1/4 Barrel, Nickel Plated. I know what all the markings on the barrel mean but not sure how to date the serial number. The serial number on the bottom of the grip is 181XXX. No. 22 LR caliber revolver. It was very well accepted in the market and lasted in Harrington And Richardson Revolver Serial Number LookupIs it a 'Topper' or a 'Pardner' or something else? H&R serial numbers are tricky. Harrington & Richardson. Right grip damaged at the bottom. 2-1/2 octagonal barrel. nbsp; Bore is gray and rough. Blued finish. The value of a Harrington and Richardson 7mm Remington mag serial number 52897 depends on its condition. PAT'D OCT. Serial Number: S2661 . The serial number is AY1289xx. NOT a copy or reproduction On One Side- H&R Revolver. 22 Rimfire description: harrington richardson . full The Model 929 was H&R's FIRST swing out cylinder revolver, along with the Model 930 (nickel plated version), the Model 732 (. “Victor” model and so marked on the top strap. Remington 742 Trigger Group Assembly. grips unharmed and numbered to match serial numbers on frame (#56625. net Frequently Asked Questions. Harrington Richardson 6 shot . Bore should clean very well. com. 32 S&W or . Smith & Wesson 15 Revolver Blued. I formed an early relationship with the Harrington and Richardson company. Frank Wesson produced a variety of pocket rifles and small breech loading pistols from the late 1850's through the 1860's. Serial # 578X. This revolver uses a unique cartridge whose case extends beyond the tip of the bullet, and a cylinder that moves forward to place the end of the cartridge inside the barrel Fits the Harrington & Richardson 925, 926, 999. Model: 22 SP, 660, 949, 950, 970, 622, 623, 632, 633, 999. Thank you In 1871, Gilbert Henderson Harrington and his uncle, Frank Wesson, formed a firearm manufacturing company that resulted in Harrington taking on a new partner, William Augustus Richardson. [more like this] Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 58 Shot I once owned a Harrington & Richardson top break revolver in . 95. It was a beautiful gun with quality nickel plate, checkered walnut grips, auto extractor, and a hair trigger (about 2# D/A). After the original company closed, in 1991 a new company, H&R 1871 was formed in Gardner, Massachusetts. 32 S&W CTGE five shot Nickel finish Revolver, comes with On the sides of the grips is what appears to be square target with three circles and five shots in the target, serial # is 193xx . 4TH. 12 Gauge 20 Gauge 444 Marlin 243 Winchester 10 Gauge 28 Gauge 44 Remington Magnum. Rifles and Carbines Models 1892 to 1899 M1903 Rifle: Rock Island Arsenal M1903 & M1903A1 Jun 16, 2012 · Produced by the American arms company of Harrington and Richardson, under Licence from Webley and Scott, production of the . Asked in The serial numbers on all the parts are matching. Later models included the Sentinel, and a series of numbered revolvers such as the 922 and 999, Sportsman and Guardsman, etc. . Although this particular revolver may not have had a global influence, it the first firearm the author ever used and is the reason for the interest in the hobby of collecting. Mar 28, 2020 · AminaWhat year was a Harrington and Richardson . 22 Revolver. Matching serial numbers. H R Model 999 Manufacture Date. 32 Long, and . It is 5 shot. These model names are stamped, while H & R does not appear on the gun. Based on your low serial number, I wouldn't be surprised if yours was pre-1900. Feb 04, 2014 · 1950 Harrington & Richardson H&R Model 922 22lr Revolver Overview - Texas Gun Blog New World Ordnance Harrington & Richardson Model 622 Revolver - Duration: 11:19. Note: This service is provided as reference only, and accuracy is not guaranteed. nicklel finish, pearl grips. 38 caliber top break revolver, serial number 14959. (The first day I met Sep 24, 2012 · There is a 22 revolver I have found for sale asking 100 bucks. A Harrington and Richardson top break revolver in . Gun had light pitting & scratches. Serial number S16031. 32 S&W Long. » H & R Firearms. WORCESTER, MASS U. Smith & Wesson 686-2 Revolver Stainless. Oct. 95 - 49 Pages Harrington & Richardson Arms 1944 Gun, Revolver & Reising Mod 60 & 65 Catalog Jul 20, 2012 · I have a small frame H&R hammerless, 5-shot revolver, Serial Number 2546xx. 38 Smith+Wesson, they were never over powered by any means. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to alter , . RG 10 Revolver Blued. In my boyhood, H & R was an old firm most active in the production of economical, utilitarian firearms. Rifle Models 1873 to 1888 Krag U. Listed here is a great vintage and somewhat rare revolver. nbsp; No FFL Required. nbsp; Serial Number 3737 (under the left grip). Aug 04, 2010 · It's hammer-less and only says "Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. Make: Harrington & Richardson. Fourth model manufactured approximately 1898-1904. The barrel is without cartridge stamping on left side of barrel, which indicates this piece was made for blac This is an 1870's vintage Wesson & Harrington revolver in . This model was also the first swing out cylinder revolver made by any of the "Blue Collar" gun manufacturers. 380-200 cartridge) 5 shot, typically 4" flat sided, round bottom barrel (a very few are known with 6"), blue finish, DA/SA, auto ejecting, hinged frame revolvers with the "RICE" (bird's head shaped grip) frames. ** Description . THE PROHIBITED ITEMS WILL BE SOLD AFTER THE DEACTIVATED CLASS 5000 SERIES AND BEFORE THE 3000 SERIES NON RESTRICTED. Although my home is smoke free and pet free. But not alwa… Harrington And Richardson Revolver Serial Number LookupIs it a 'Topper' or a 'Pardner' or something else? H&R serial numbers are tricky. ) Goforth wrote: "By the time H&R got around to marking the caliber on the left side of the barrel in 1905 to their way of thinking both the 32 H&R and the 32 M&H were obsolete cartridges. It opens up and is hammerless (I think I am describing it correctly). Nov 11, 2013 · What is the value of a harrington richardson 9 shot h r sportsman serial 64310? What is the manufacture date of Harrington and Richardson model 622 revolver with serial number AL… What is the value of a Harrington-Richardson 32 revolver Model 732 Serial AU159902? What is the age and value of a m-68 22 cal short long rifel made by agaarmes the The cut off date for antiques is 1890 in Norway. Serial Number Prefix. H&R has been in business in one form or another since 1871 and has been known for making fairly inexpensive firearms, specifically single shot shotguns and revolvers, that work. Marketing its products under the brand names of Harrington & Richardson® and New England Firearms®, H&R 1871, LLC is currently the largest manufacturer of single shot shotguns and rifles in the world. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 125. pre 1905 (1904 and before) which were more like batch numbers and usually ran from 1 to 99,999. Valuation Report for Used 22 SPECIAL Handgun by Harrington & Richardson, Inc. 32 S&W - This is a 1st. Action works perfectly. 5% RIA Live Bidding: RIA Live Bidding comes with a 1% service fee in addition to our Buyer’s Premium. sportsman 999 serial numbers game serial number n-track studio 5 serial number cj2a serial number list windows office serial number sony media manager serial number Answers. 22 Lr Double Action Revolver In Box For Sale at benchco. 00 and 200. 862 . Original Harrington and Richardson started in 1871 and was in existence until 1986. Calibers: . Long Guns 4 + 1 5 5 + 1 Single Shot. Year ser. Description. The revolver features a five shot cylinder, 2 1/2" barrel, top break action, and double action. Here is yet another great revolver to add to your Revolver collections, a Harrington & Richardson Arms Co Premier . 24. 32 caliber revolver serial number 4617 manufactured in? This revolver is nearly flawless and has a nice set of H & R walnut target grips on it for your right hand thumb to rest on. Jan 08, 2015 · And finally another post covers the chambering you have in this gun, and says it WAS made as a . It should be a Large Frame Hammerless, 4 th variation from your description. A. 32 S&W caliber. Action Type: Single Action SA 9-Shot Top BreakAuto-Ejecting Revolver . Bob's Gun Shop Inc. They think it's  Alteration, destruction, or removal of serial number from firearm; possession of firearm with serial number removed. 5" Ported. 44 (850,000 were manufactured). Your gun is a Harrington and Richardson Automatic Ejecting Second Model, Second variation. neophyte, Jun 24, 2009. com - What is the value and age. The others were junk, but then he pulled out this Harrington & Richardson . Ruger Single Six Revolver Blued. decoding H&R serial numbers is not easy and it takes up quite a bit of the H&R book as different models usually have seperate serial number series. Jan 27, 2007 · His gun was a similar Harrington & Richardson in . Model: Sportsman Model 199 Second Variation . 38 S&W Make: Harrington & Richardson Model: HammerlessLarge Frame 2nd Model 4th Variation Type 2 Top Break Revolver Serial Number: 157696 Year of Manufacture: 1913-1915 (“H & R Arms Company” by W. Guns for Sale - H&R Sportsman 999 22lr. The blue is that amazing old world finish and it's in pretty good condition, but not quite perfect. The revolver has a blued steel frame, 7-shot cylinder and 3" solid rib barrel with factory hard rubber grips. This is a very nice example of an early H&R target revolver, and should see some interest from the H&R collectors out there. REAR SIGHT AND ADJ FRONT SIGHT FOR $485 (read more) Gun #: 977589844. But not alwa… It has a 3. nbsp; Mismatched Serial Numbers:nbsp; 33698 on trigger guard, and 32275 on underside of top strap. by Harrington & Richardson Abiline Centennial American D. 38 S&W Cal. Stamped on top of the barrel is: Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worchester, Mass, USA Pat. 32S&WL. H&R M1: Harrington & Richardson was assigned serial number ranges 4660001  20 Jul 2012 I have a small frame H&R hammerless, 5-shot revolver, Serial Number 2546xx. 380 ammo. 32 S&WL) and the nickel plated 733, also in . Two Old Dogs , Apr 29, 2013 You have an H & R Hammerless, First Model, Large Frame, Top Break revolver and by your serial number it is a black Powder number. Visit Remington Society Website. This is a very clean and nice looking pistol and these You have an H & R Hammerless, First Model, Large Frame, Top Break revolver and by your serial number it is a black Powder number. serial number  Serial number is AG6205***. Buyer pays $25. Serial Number H&R 1871, LLC (Harrington & Richardson) is a manufacturer of firearms under the Harrington H&R Sportsman (. Although it appears the guns were generally assembled in numerical sequence, the shipments were not and some guns may have remained in inventory for weeks, months, or even years between Looking further into the book, it indicates some letter prefixes to serial numbers on pre-1940 shotguns to include A & B on Model 1900s, early production 1908s and some others, and B letter codes used on small frame 1905 and 1915. 32 centerfire double action revolver, 2. Harrington & Richardson American Double Action . 22 lr model 939 revolver Post by BowMan » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:26 am Never been a fan of H&R revolvers mainly because of their slab cut frame which seems to evoke the same design aesthetics as many Rugers. 32 S&W Long (assuming this is a six-shot revolver. 22 MAGNUM CAL SINGLE/DOUBLE ACTION REVOLVER. Harrington eventually bought out Wesson's interest in Harrington and Wesson, then reincorporated the company as Harrington and Richardson, with a former Smith and Wesson employee, William Richardson. Whirlpool serial numbers include a code in the second character for the year the product was built. Vest-Pocket Self-Cocker (same as Vest Pocket Safety Hammer but without half / full cocking sear). Superposed HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON SERIALIZATION 1940 -. 38 S+W. Serial no. The left side of the hammer is marked "Patented April 5, 1887. Product #: 269460A Jun 26, 2009 · Know what your Harrington & Richardson firearms are worth with this up-to-date 16-page . Choose Capacity. In 1894 the company opened a new facility on Park Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. 4. # PreFiX COde 1969 69C prefix before Ser. Light pitting to exterior barrel. Has an unusual exposed but “non-snagging” hammer, for So this Christmas my inlaws presented me with this gorgeous 22lr revolver. Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. The patent date inscription indicates manufacture in the period 1890-1892. 410 fox model B 3 inch bore double barrel double trigger hammerless before serial numbers what tells me the year it was manufactured Harrington & Richardson Serialization. Year. 38 Special Blue. The serial number 835748 is stamped at the barrel joint, and the underside of the receiver. Very nice balance. , action: revolver , barrel length: 27mm , stock # p3073 , serial # 355047 , condition: 6/10 , class: canadian class prohibited, this item will not be sold in lot order. S&W CTGE" on the left side of the barrel. PAT. The 925 is not one of your more common H&Rs, so they don't pop up nearly as often as some of the others. 199. Harrington & Richardson Serial Number. The first letter designates either a H&R (H) model or a NEF (N) model. E. Later models like 732 and 929 have serial numbers typically beginning with two letters Serial # Manufacturer. I think it was  H&R Young America . , U. MAY 23, 1876. 22 - 9-SHOT REVOLVER - NICKEL - 5 1/2-INCH - EXCELL Jan 09, 2013 · I have a harrington and richardson 38 s&w safety hammer double action pull pin revolver. Bay State H & R (Harrington & Richardson) H & R 1871, Inc. Firearm dating information about Remington series firearms and guns provided by the Remington Society. 32 caliber revolver double action pistol. Description: Stock #10952 is a 5 1/2" barreled H&R model 649 single action style revolver that has a double action trigger system. fastly. PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. The box that came with this pistol shows it's age but is in good shape though there are no papers for the pistol. Frank Wesson was the brother of Daniel Wesson who founded Smith and Wesson. Mar 03, 2018 · Harrington & Richardson Premier . Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. The Model 929 holds, The “U” serial number prefix indicates a 1958 manufacture date. HR This Harrington and Richardson Model 2 has serial number B38270. 314299 Shooting Channel Dec 04, 2012 · 32 Cal. Asked in The serial numbers listed represent the highest serial number shipped for the year. It is a parts kit, sold as-is and includes everything pictured. So I guess there were serial numbers, but the book has less on the long arms than on top break revolvers. Only the parts in the pics are included. Jul 31, 2017 · The Harrington and Richardson single shot shotgun is an American classic. I don'see any safty. Harrington and richardson 929 serial numbers. 25" barrel, black plastic grips, holds 6 rds of ". Massachusetts is abbreviated MASS. Hammerless. " on the top of the barrel. 32 or . nbsp;Early models had an 2 octagonal barrel with front sight. 32 pistol commenced on 20th April, 1916, with only 34,500 being produced. H+R built these little jewels from the turn of the century till just before WWII. CYLINDER DOES NOT SWING OUT BUT IS LOADED LIKE A SINGLE ACTION REVOLVER. Year of Manufacture: 1933-1936 C&R . Ask a Question. 50) in double and single action. Serial # P31849 A Harrington and Richardson . The 929 was produced from machined steel, and the 2½-inch gun weighed a hefty 23. No serial number. » Warranty Registration. So, I traded it away at a gun store for some . A Harrington and Richardson 38 S&W I realize that S&W folks may have info on other guns so I am just hoping because I have not been able to get help elsewhere. Lot:28 | Make:Harrington & Richardson| Model:Sportsman |Serial #:J637 | Type:revolver| Caliber:. and LC Smith Guns Grades, Symbols and Serials before 1950. Original Harrington and Richardson started in 1871 and was in existence until Most have nickel-plated receivers and are serial numbered within the same  Serial number can be found under the left hand grip at the bottom of the handle for guns made 1890-1906. THIs was a perfect fit on my H&R 999 s/n AN958xx revolver I inherited from my mother-in-law. Coming in . Harrington and Richardson Sportsman revolver, double action, hinged frame extractor History note Serial numbers in the 100-150 range were shipped to the British Purchasing Commission in 1940-41. H&R Harrington& Richardson Revolver& Iver Johnson 1906 Original Print Ad Description: Vintage Magazine ad- original. The Bluebook of Gun Values has this: Values for H & R Model 922 Revolver Pistol. dave cash, Your DEFENDER 38 is one of a series of . . The top break has always held an appeal for me, though they really didn't fit into my shooting programs. 22 | Notes:“as is", normal wear and tear You are bidding on a Harrington & Richardson Model 925 Top-Break 5 Shot . 5" barrel for $125. I was thinking it was an early production with such a low serial # compared to others I've seen on the forums. very good bore. Written to the top is ‘H&R Double Action Model 1905 . Shows a lot of nickel with rust spots on the frame and cylinder. Ithaca Guns - Baker, Crass, Lewis, Manier, Magnum, Pre-WWII choke marks, Lefever Singles, Flues, Knick, Lefever Mar 16, 2018 · Harrington & Richardson American Double Action Harrington and Richardson H&R Revolvers Critical Information Harrington and Richardson . The "Victor" in . Serial number 13406. Best Selling Price Low To High Price High To Low Product Name (A-Z) Product Name (Z-A) Rating. On top of the barrel is the mfr name and address "Harrrington & Richardson Arms Co. 32 S&W Harrington & Richardson 2" Top-Break Hammerless - . For specific questions or additional information, please contact Customer Service. 25 inch barrel. 38 & . 22 caliber, 7 1/2-inch barrel with target sights. Here is another gorgeous Harrington and Richardson Revolver! Re: Harrington & Richardson 999 . 22 Rimfire Premier 7-shot double action break top. Revolver Pistol Description: Antique 1896 Harrington Richardson Revolver Pistol. 32S&W caliber. Prior to 1905, the serial numbers were batch numbers, and all of them were under 100,000. The serial number of 109075 places its production around 1924-1926 as H&R did not retain production records based on serial numbers. 1940 to 1982 Year One of the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the United States. 00 shipping. 32 S&W Action Type: Auto-Ejecting Top Break Double Action DA/SA Revolver, but Currently Double Action Only, DAO. H&R ceased production February 27, 2015. ssl. Approximate date of manufacturer 1915-1920. Number on bottom of the handle is 156660 and 660 on barrel. 05 Off w/ Free S&H 5. 1970 70C prefix before Ser. 22 revolver in the modern handguns  nation of letters and numbers) code in the serial number. Aug 16, 2014 · The Harrington & Richardson Model 949 is a double action revolver that was produced by H&R in Gardner, Massachusetts. By 1876, H&R had become sufficiently established to be represented at the National Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, where the company exhibited 24 of its pistols. 32 cal. z Sold ~ Revolver Early Harrington Richardson . DBL Action. Large frame, break-top revolver. 50. During 1969 the Hi-Power pistol Serial Number code was changed to a two digit year and "C" prefix. High Standard Manufacturing Corporation Harrington & Richardson Model 922 Revolver. I was lucky enough to find a forum thread about it to decode it's serial, the "P" prefix puts its manufacture in 1954. 22LR revolver. Harrington & Richardson Victor . Model: Auto-Ejecting 3rd Model 3rd Variation Type 17 Serial Number: 372057. Young America Double Action Revolver 333,454 S-prefix serial numbers. You can reference the above website in order to date your firearm by the numbers and letters in the serial number and also learn how to read the serial number to know what each number and letter stands for, just like in a drivers license number. 8 1895 Stamped on the side of the barrel is: 32S&W,CTGE Anyone know when these guns were made? 2358 SERIALIZATION This section has 800501 801000 H R 801001 856100 COLT RECORDED DATES Year starting serial number March 1856 First Recorded Date. Prefix 1940 A 1941 B 1942 C 1943 D 1944 E 1945 F 1946 G I was at a local gun club & range a couple of months with my father-in-law, and while we were shooting our various handguns, he pulled out an old H&R 949 western SA/DA . h&r 922 revolver serial numbers, h&r 922 serial number chart, h&r pistol serial number lookup, h&r serial number date codes, h&r serial number lookup, h&r serial number search, h&r serial numbers, h&r serial numbers by year, h&r sportsman 999 serial numbers, h&r sportsman serial number dates, harrington and richardson serial numbers, Mar 08, 2013 · Harrington Richardson . Approximately 3,000 were manufactured in 1877 and 1878. For whatever reason, I've always had a bit of a fascination with Harrington & Richardson revolvers, especially the top break variety. Excellent bore and action works Aug 26, 2007 · A recent acquisition for the collection, and presented as received, is this little bit of history. 22 S, L, or LR . Harrington & Richardson Revolver model 922 is a 22 CAL 9 shot. Harrington & Richardson Arms 1942 Reising Submachine Manual $14. Remington 1100 Link: 12 Ga. Ejector Rod, . This revolver would make a good addition to a Harrington & Richardson collection or a fine target revolver with its adjustable sights, nice bore and 6" barrel. Serial number is S178XX stamped on the front of the grip frame. Charter Off Duty Revolver Black. M1: Harrington & Richardson was assigned serial number ranges 4660001 through 4800000, 5488247 through 5793847, and 400 rifles numbered from 6034330 through 6034729. The cylinder had a dent in one edge, too. 38 S&W Revolver. 3. It was a pistol he was given many years ago by his now-departed father, and an easy 8/10 condition. 2 1/2 4 1/2 6 . global. Harrington & Richardson Serialization. 5 ounces. N. Title: Harrington & Richardson H&R Hammerless Large Frame 2nd Model 4 th Var. Goforth) Aug 28, 2016 - 1981 HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON 676 Revolver AD : Gun Posters, Catalogs &… Oct 10, 2015 - Lot 451: Harrington Richardson . 0 rating with 1 review review & rate 0 Questions & 0 Answers March 23, 2015, 8:16 PM |Adnan Syed, the convicted killer of his girlfriend in 1999 and subject of the critically-acclaimed podcast “Serial,” Mortal Kombat X Sound Effects Made With Goo, Toilet Plungers. Holland & Holland. The serial number was 556. Since my farmer father was a very economical Harrington & Richardson is a reputable name among pistol brands, especially for those who want a more traditional revolver experience. Walnut grips. The Conn. HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON (HR) Harrington and Richardson, much like Iver Johnson, has older models including the American, Young America, Premier, Young America Bulldog, Trapper, and Victor. AU135516, . Some wear to bore. ) M1: Harrington & Richardson was assigned serial number ranges 4660001 through  7 Nov 2011 Year Serial Number Prefix Year Serial Number. " and the left side of the barrel is A suppressible revolver design does exist in the Nagant M1895, a Belgian designed revolver used by Imperial Russia and later the Soviet Union from 1895 through World War II. RG Model 14S Barrel Assembly 3. Handgun production stopped sometime in the mid '90s for both companies. My gun also wo From pins and springs to barrels and stocks, Gun Parts Corp. These are the only 3 markings I can find on the gun. Are these decent for knocking around in the woods, fishing, small game? Or are they poor quality? I would like to be able to shoot rat shot, but cant out of my 22 auto pistol. With a 2. 22 Rimfire revolver later known as the H&R Trapper Model 722. texasgunblog. Revolver" trademark, Harrington & Richardson, Hopkins & Allen and Meriden Fire Arms Co. This is a great quality firearm. Harrington and Mary A. 38 S&W cal. It's a break with serial number of 835748. 1971 196471C prefix before Ser. 5 shot. 9 shot drop cylinder . It is in good condition with little wear. These guns have a level of reliability, and finding H&R parts for them can be relatively simple. Also I don't need a bunch 1896 Harrington Richardson 38 cal. Old Guns. Before 1990, the character was a number; from 1990 to 2010 the character was a letter. 00. in the state address, not spelled out. 22 LR nine-shot revolver 6-inch barrel – blued finish); Manual Ejecting Model . You have to remove the grip to access. This gun is available in the standard Pardner, or the fancier Trooper models, and either can be purchased as a 410 gauge, a 20 gauge, or a 12 gauge. The revolver is a model 1905, medium frame double action revolver with a chrome metal and black plastic diamond patterned grips. Serial numbers range for this model is estimated to be 01 to 45000. H&R 1871, LLC (Harrington & Richardson) is a manufacturer of firearms under the Harrington & Richardson and New England Firearms trademarks. Worcester, Massachusetts. Top Break, Nickel, 3 ¼” DAO Revolver, MFD 1913-15, C&R . There is a serial number 199 which … read more Serial numbers and dates can only be loosely correlated for H&R topbreak revolvers. I see that there are guide books to the serial numbers that can be purchased, but of course I Cylinder Stop Assembly (2 Pin Type) Manufacturer: HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON. 22 LR, Walnut, 6", 9 Shot Capacity, Fixed) HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON REVOLVERS LOT OF TWO One Harrington & Richardson . 5% Cash Payment Discount: 3. 22 LR Revolver. May 22, 2014 · Gilbert H. I have a Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158 410 Shot Gun the Serial Number is  22 May 2014 Harrington and Richardson is not a particularly exciting gun Early Top-Break Revolvers”), and finally by specific model numbers and their  4 Feb 2014 www. U. Jan 28, 2013 · The American Double Action (large solid frame centerfire revolver) Manufactured 1883–1941. It is a late 1960s H&R 949 22 revolver. Year of Manufacture: 1913-1915 C&R Caliber: . It is a 5 shot. I've been wanting a 22lr revolver to compliment our Wather P22 and this fits perfectly. The H&R 949, chambered in 22 Long Rifle, was manufactured from 1960 to 1985 in order to capitalize H&R Trapper Model 22 CAL Revolver 7 Shot Barrel Length is 6" Finish is Blued NOTE: This is NOT a functioning firearm. Handy-Gun Harrich* Harrington & Richardson Hibbard (model W-H) New Defender Pal Premier Reising (H & R) Reising Arms Co. 22 CAL. Up next is a Vintage Harrington & Richardson Model 922 9 shot . Typical replacement parts on eBay can include components like a new or preowned H&R 922 cylinder or a firing pin. 351458 No. SOLD – This is a fairly scarce Harrington & Richardson six-shot. H & R Defender Harrington and Richardson Worcester, Mass. Mousegunner's Harrington & Richardson 676 . 5" round barrel, 6-shot unfluted cylinder. 22 to . It has a 6" barrel and target hard rubber grips. » Retail Locator. H&R is a subsidiary of the Freedom Group. blued steel 4" barrel with Bakelite marbled grips. 1887" on the top of the barrel rib, and serial number 2973 underneath the left grip panel, and partial matching serial numbers on the back of the cylinder, and extractor. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 Antique Harrington Richardson Vest-Pocket Self-Cocker Early Model Revolver, 38 SW Caliber. Harrington Richardson Arms, Worcester, Mass On other: Iver Johnson Hammer the Hammer& Bausch& Lomb 1906 I acquire items at auction. 5 shot. If you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact the Seller before bidding. Long rifle revolver, nine-shot cylinder, 6" barrel. The left side and Harrington & Richardson Victor . Two Old Dogs , Apr 29, 2013 The value of a Harrington and Richardson 7mm Remington mag serial number 52897 depends on its condition. The US date is pre 1/1/1899. Serial Numbers for “T” prefix Hi-Power pistols exceeded T300000 and were shipped into 1970. Harrington & Richardson, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, was founded in 1871 by Gilbert H. SOLD. The Model 929 Sidekick was available with a 2½-, 4-, or 6-inch barrel. Harrington & Richardson made a large number of medium and low priced solid frame and breaktop revolvers in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with some of the top break designs continued until the late 1950's. I don’t think you will find one in better condition as it looks like it was never fired! Absolutely gorgeous with the original box !!! $475. 99%+ nickel finish with perfect grips and mechanically perfect. THE CYLINDER IS REMOVED BY REMOVING T Harrington and Richardson "Sportsman" Revolver Harrington and Richardson "Sportsman" Single Action Long Rifle Revolver No. 22 Revolver 32 Magnum, I'd appreciate it if you could offer an opinion of when my Sportsman single action was made. The Blue Book of Used Gun Values offers serial numbers for the following makers: WW Greener, Harrington & Richardson, High Standard, Holland & Holland,  H & R 1871, LLC (Harrington & Richardson) is a manufacturer of firearms under the of revolvers, single shot rifles and shotguns using original H&R designs. &R. Taurus 85 Revolver Blued. , 6-shot (. The going rate on seems to be at least $150 to $300, from what I've seen. Trapdoor -U. ) probably shootable, but not suggested without being inspected by a qualified gunsmith. Years ago I was given an old H&R 9-shot revolver by my father. Oct 18, 2015 · Harrington Richardson . When obtained, the number will belong to this dog owner provided that as it is retained in an active service. Case-hardened frame. #N#© 2018 H&R 1871. 38 cal. Jun 24, 2009 #4. » About H&R Firearms. Harrington And Richardson, H&R Young America 22 Short Double Action Revolver, C&R - 10925825 Buyer Tip: Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. 32 S&W caliber revolver. Harrington & Richardson Model 904 . 32 caliber about 50% nickel finish retained. Mortal Kombat X's gory fatalities are a gruesome sight, but have you ever thought about the work that goes into creating the sound Dec 29, 2019 · Harrington and Richardson Model 733 Revolver Recently a local gun shop listed an H&R Model 733 revolver with 2. Choose Manufacturer. 38 Caliber, spur trigger single action revolver, 3" octagonal barrel, 5 or 7 shot fluted cylinder, flat frame, saw-handle square butt plain walnut or black checkered fubber grips, marked HARRINGTON % RICHARDSON, WORCESTER, MASS. Griffin & Howe Serial Number Ranges 1930-1967. That all said, you might want to ask about your H&R . It is an H&R Model 950 nickel plated 9 shot double/single action 22lr revolver styled after the classic Colt single actions. Approximately 97% original nickel. A-588 Harrington and Richardson Shotguns For Sale. nbsp; Blued finish with US REVOLVER COMPANY. » Customer Support. This is one of the innumerable copies of the Smith & Wesson 3rd Model, in the . Side Kick Sportsman* Topper Trapper Tycoon Young America D. And "32 CAL. 62 Printable MOA Targets with DOT Drills - Rifle Range in YARDS This impressive target pack from our friends at Storm Tactical contains 62 printable targets for rifle and handgun range use. Break top. 22lr Hello came to find out a bit more about this beauty that I have had handed down to me. H&R is a subsidiary of the Remington Outdoor Company. The top of the barrel will have no patent dates, unlike earlier variations. Shotguns O/U. nbsp; Top of barrel is marked Harrington Richardson Arms Company, Worchester, Mass. pattent numbers start 1889 but cant read last one. Model 2nd Variation. Revolver (Serial #333898); Top break 5-round double-action revolver with matching serial numbers Stay safe and healthy. Serial #25994. Modern engineering can easily address the use of powerful cartridges, but designing it to take longer cartridges, such as the . 375" RG Model 24 Barrel Pin: Large. For all those years, the company was located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Cannot be made to fire. This prestigious topbreak revolver has in its day been a source of inspiration to numerous American, Belgian, French, British, Spanish and Russian gunmakers, who issued thousands of copies in various calibers (from . have a H&R 38 S&W top break hammerless Serial Number 61337 all matching on barrel, cylinder, frame, ejector star, and trigger guard. Worchester, Mass USA PAT Oct 6, 1895. Buyer pays $20. Can anyone tell me what the manufacture date of an H R 999 Sportsman. The nine-round cylinder had a "safety rim In November of 2000, the Marlin Firearms Company purchased the assets of H&R 1871, Inc. High Standard Pistols Serial Ranges 1932-1942. List of most-produced firearms Harrington & Richardson. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. It is a first variation that was manufactured between 1895 and 1896. 32 S&W ctge" The caliber engraving is on the left side of the barrell. the top break barrel measures approx 3" in length, the cylinder shows the Apr 21, 2013 · Re: Harrington & Richardson . Mechanically the little revolver works perfectly. "SPORTSMAN" / SINGLE ACTION”. Rock Island, Illinois 61201 The revolver is marked in numerous places, reading HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS COMPANY - WORCHESTER MASS. Serial # Manufacturer. Fully Illustrated with photocopied images (some of the rarest guns are depicted with low quality images Enter your Ruger® serial number above to view its model number, product line, caliber, production status, ship date and instruction manual. wha … read more Harrington & Richardson Premier revolver Harrington & Richardson 32 DA Top-Break Hammerless - . Bore is dark with strong rifling. RG Model 40 Cylinder, . Please see our photos and good luck! CA Legal or CA Private Party Transferable: This C&R eligible double action revolver CAN be transferred as a dealer sale in California and CAN be sold One of the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the United States. , A Short Illustrated History of194 pages about 8 1/2" x 11" glossy soft-cover in full color. Jul 13, 2015 · My first review will be on the Harrington and Richardson Model 949. Harrington & Richardson Trapper Revolver Bare Metal. Hunter Arms Co. S & W CTGE on side of barrel. 5" barrel, it would put 6 rounds through a playing card from 10 feet away -- in about 2 seconds, as it had practically zero recoil. Smith & Wesson Model 629-6 Barrel 6. I will be sure to check the above sites for more info HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON Arms Co. 38 S&W, but had the exposed hammer. In some scenarios, even the re-branded pistols retain the mark of the original manufacturer on the pistol grips. The barrel rib is marked "Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worcester, Mass. The number sequence started over in 2011. Harrington, co-founder of H&R, was the original inventor of the Top Break Revolver, which I still feel is a fantastic design, which should make a comeback. Thanks guys for the input. We focus primarily on original factory manufactured parts with minimal wear for obsolete firearms, but also stock parts for modern firearms as well as a limited number of reproduction parts. The timing was perhaps off a little bit, and sometimes the cartridges wouldn't fire. 5" BARREL BEAUTIFUL CASE COLOR RECEIVER, DEEP BLUE CYLINDER AND BARREL. Apr 16, 2014 · After the deaths of Harrington and Richardson in 1897, Brooks became the manager and the company was held by heirs Edwin C. These are the second letter of the serial number. It is a top break revolver with double top post barrel latch. Nickel finish. 95-100% finish with slight handling wear present. Ruger Security Six Revolver Nickel. Manufactured from 1976 to 1980. 32 Smith+Wesson, . The Harrington and Richardson single shot shotgun is a very lightweight, accurate shotgun, and it would be impossible for a Abiline Centennial US HR Mfd. (Specs: Revolver, . Antique pistol parts only. For instance, the "Secret Service Special" revolvers were made by the Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works under its less expensive "U. 22 revolver, Model 999 serial number search. As Carmady indicates, lack of a caliber designation on the left side of the barrel means the gun was NOT made for smokeless powder. The company moved from Connecticut to Worcestor, MA and, by the 1880s, became one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the country. 8 1895 Stamped on the side of the barrel is: 32S&W,CTGE Anyone know when these guns were made? Jul 20, 2012 · I have a small frame H&R hammerless, 5-shot revolver, Serial Number 2546xx. 32 S&W double action (DA)-only revolver. Patent date is Oct. 22 DA Revolver for auction. Give me a little more info about your gun (any stampings? top of barrel rib  21 Feb 2019 H&R Model 929 revolver cylinder. Harrington & Richardson Model 686 Double Action Revolver. 22 with a serial number of AG29093 is. 1940 to 1982. The grips are nice. nbsp; Bore is gray and somewhat rough. Barrel reads Harrington Richardson Arms Co. Bright bore. 32 caliber. gererally speaking there were three types of serial number series. 22LR DA/SA. Stamped on top of the barrel is: Harrington & Richardson Arms  Number 178686 is the serial number, and the mention on the barrel is the H&R Since it was manufactured after 1895, your revolver will probably accept both  I have an H&R 410 Handy Gun Serial number 52266 can anyone give me any a Harrington & Richardson 38s&w ctge top break 5 shot revolver. net Harrington and richardson 929 serial numbers Rating: 7,2/10 258 reviews Buyer's Premium: 18. 4th 1887. I also have one  21 Mar 2012 I too have a R73, a "NG" serial number made in 1992. this pistol was made until 1904. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. The major components, such as the barrel, bolt, hammer, operating rod, safety, and trigger housing were stamped with a numeric drawing number and the manufacturer's initials. Harrington and Richardson . Newly reprinted with permission. , A Short Illustrated History of - $19. RG 14 Revolver Black. It is an H&R “Trapper Model” . harrington and richardson revolver serial numbers

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