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Absolutely - fluff, humour, moxiety, 915. 5k. Pairings: Platonic Dukexiety, Prinxiety, Creativitwins, Implied Demus. ’ - Moxiety Summary: Patton has a kink for seeing his love desperate and wetting, Virgil decides to indulge him one day which leads to Patton coming in his pants. notes: I tried to mix all your prompts, hope you  the au with harry potter for sandersides but with more moxiety :DD. I think I forgot it once already) - Nyn. sandersides sander sides fanfic logan sanders virgil sanders patton sanders remus sanders platonic moxiety moxiety platonic analogical platonic logicality platonic analogicality ts fic sandersides fanfiction sandersides fic Red's power is very much inspired by black siren Patton's power is inspired by peek-a-boo's ts virgil ts patton ts logan Apr 16, 2019 · Meet the Curator A Moxiety one-shot with Single Parent Virgil and kid Logan. Warnings: Deceit. Universe: Ghost AU ️李 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Thomas!!!!! That cake is really delicious ngl. warnings: scary movies, anxiety, food mention, age regression. Kinktober 4 4. Romantic moxiety, superhero!AU. He thinks back to some of his past opportunities before he finally asks him. Pairing: Platonic or romantic Moxiety (you decide) Genre: Fluff. 2 years ago,; 11,634 notes. ILY, please don’t hurt me Warnings: implied accident, hospital, Patton crying Word count: 400ish Prompt list: Here (a voice, soft, urgent, familiar?) “–gil, sweetheart, can you hear me? Can you move at all?” “Patton, his surgeon said he wouldn’t wake for hours. warnings: anxiety attacks, implied self-harm. Image size. Word count: 508 . AU Summary: A fall. Keep reading Sadness Pairing(s): platonic moxiety Warnings: panic attacks, depression Word count: 405 Summary: Patton is feeling especially depressed and Virgil is the only one who can calm him down. I Write Sins Not Tragedies Sage • 20 • she/her/they/them • 18+ only please! • Anon sign-off is either 💛 or 🦉 • Mainly reblogs of smutty Sanders Sides content, but I sometimes write smut too. --- Patton smiled excitedly,"Really? Pairing - Moxiety (Patton x Virgil) Warnings - None? Let me know if I should add something… — Soft. image. Patton should have guessed. (I know this is late, but I was too tired and insecure to post last night LOL) Kind of an expansion on the ask I sent last night lol. Roman’s creation of one made-up term unintentionally created a black and white perspective of the sides. PLEASE DON'T SEND MOXIETY or R*MR*M. - all I wanna feel like I can't come down moxiety demon virgil hopefully this finally frickin goes through jesus this is my third attempt like i know you suck tumblr Tag List: @patton-loves-coloring @jade-dragon226-fan @seas-space-and-stardust @im-hopelessly-crushed @moonstonefox12 @iris-sanders-athena @pandapopgalaxy @cyberpunkjinx @radioactivehelena @fandersfic-moxiety ~•~ Patton has always had a spare key to his boyfriend’s apartment. fall(en): Virgil’s healing magic demands universal balance D4, strapons. Im gonna tag some people who seem to read a lot of fics/ know of them Spidey rocks, and you do, too Icon I requested, and it was made by mlm-kiri! This blog is ANTI-ST*RKER AND ANTI-TH*RKI! Kindly leave if you ship or let those "slide". 1. Fic search! Does anyone remember the Moxiety fic where Virgil is like really ill and Patton gets super upset when he finds out? In my head i absolutely remember this but theres a chance i jist maybe wanted to write it so i have no idea. Roceit: back in 2012 era tumblr, you were a Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch stan first and a human second Moxiety is so gosh darn precious and loving and just, you can just feel SO MUCH LOVE. Moxiety Fluff. pairings: romantic moxiety, romantic logince warnings: cursing, angsty fluff, self-deprecating thoughts and words, Moxiety Fluff. in herbology: and, because he has dem quality friends: Source: burnadolt. Part 1. An alien arrives, badly injuried. Moxiety. It may seem like nothing until it’s all consuming. Castor! He baby, & is a Moxiety fusion :))) sanders sides ts patton ts virgil moxiety moxiety fusion ts fusion thomas sanders. Notes: Day one of Ace Awareness week! I’m gonna be doing a fic for every day for the rest of the week so keep an eye out! Starting things off with Patton and Moxiety!! Read On AO3 (AKA, a past-punk moxiety AU) Pairing: Moxiety! Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, smoking, homophobia and nondescript injury. The town was as quiet as a grave as you enter through the old,rusty and stained gates. Enjoy Logan ilysm!!! Also fair warning the fic description is like. His name is Roman, and he’s willing to talk (with ASL) only to Logan. Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland human au royality, 947 all-sanders-sides-related sanders sides patton sanders roman sanders virgil sanders logan sanders sanders sides fusion ts deceit gem au moxiety prinxiety royality analogical fusion gem fusion logicality moceit loceit logince roceit anxceit remus sanders ts spoilers fuck descriptions. patton helps him out. “Dont be so rough. Pairing: Moxiety. Pairings: (Implied) Romantic/Parental Logicality, Platonic Moxiety [ Chapter 1] - On hiatus - - Welcome to Fatherhood - Roman is having trouble bonding with his boyfriend’s son. They all had each other’s keys to their places. A misinterpretation had caused Thomas to Tagged: #virgil sanders #patton sanders #ts virgil #ts patton #virgil #patton #moxiety #ts moxiety #platonic moxiety #romantic moxiety #sanders sides #thomas sanders #fanders #incorrect sanders sides quotes #incorrect quotes #sanders sides quotes #source: tumblr #source: ??? A songbird who can't sing. (He watches Virgil laugh at one of his clueless remarks, and suddenly, he isn’t. 18. Nov 30, 2017 · A Heart is a Heavy Burden (Platonic Moxiety)-Asks:-Intro/Outline Post. Summary: Virgil has an important question to ask Patton. :3. Making this post a day late bc I have a parent in the hospital (having an operation, they’re fine), should be caught up by Friday hopefully. Too Much- human au moxiety, analogical, royality, 1. Virgil has a Tumblr…His Kids Find Out (Platonic Prinxiety) =Post-Apocalypse AU= Ask Prompt: Apologizing Before Passing Out with Logicality (Angst w/ Hurt/Comfort) Pairing: Moxiety. Warnings: Panic, Crying, Blood Mention, Injury, Implied Child Abuse, Witches, Magic Discrimination, Hurt/Comfort. A virgin, then? What a perfect sacrifice (Prinxiety) Fuck, I knew you’d feel good (Prinxiety) You feel so tight on my fingers, you have to relax baby (Analogical) Now, don’t cry, you had to lose it sometime (Logicality) Hold onto my hand, I’ve got you (Moxiety) AGEPLAY STARTERS. All photos are click for better quality!! I don’t know what I’m doing. ask em em writes writing prompts ts fanfic moxiety tw: sympathetic deceit. Patton: “Roman?!” Roman: *runs in with sword out* “YES, MY BELOVED?!” Patton: *crying* “Dobby died!”  Queerplatonic Moxiety Thoughts. #ts cartoon therapy #ts emile picani #yessss i love emile!!!! so cute! this post is tagged as food. Prompts given by @wittlevirgilsanders “Virgil! Come on, it’s dinner time!” of course it is. His eyes that were once narrowing was now blurring as he felt himself start freezing. Also the puzzle song is just so good; I couldn’t resist adding in these lyrics. The emo couldn't help himself. Personally I like their relationship in a more platonic, father-son kinda way, but regardless it's absolutely adorable. At the moment, I'm mainly a G/t Sanders Sides Blog. Patton feels the tension, but attempts to be friendly anyway. Behind you, you hear the whistling winds tugging at you coat as if begging you not to continue into the long forgotten corpses of people you used to know. seeing her growth through the series, and the way it culminated in “little graduation” was really significant to me as i reflected on how i have changed over the years. Warnings: uh descriptions of making out and minor cursing. C, doggy style 2, moxiety? - L Nice choice! Please reblog the version of the post with the link :O Virgil's heart skipped a beat. But Virgil has a mind of his own, and it’s already made up. Mirror Sex Ship: Moxiety (bottom patton, sexual insecurity ig?, slight dom/sub dynamic) Sometimes, Virgil didn’t feel like he was satisfying Patton in the way he wanted. Virgil is convinced Roman is exactly like the rest of them, bound to leave him and Patton sooner or later. fuzzybearaliensports liked this. featuring: a lot of Virgil being stupidly in love and several attempts at a proposal. moxiety - Freeform; Human Sides; human moxiety; Summary. Patton was shopping with Logan and Thomas, so that only left Princey to be making the smell 20 with moxiety? 20. Warm. Summary: Logan is a scientist working in a space station. Opens in new window. moxiety: “under the covers” : moxiety, fluff. 900x1165px 1. But actually, Rai’s parents were shoved out of the spotlight bc of Virgil’s parents (parent bc one of his other moms is just a child therapist, but they were a nice duo) All the fame and glory that Virgil’s parents got couldve been his family and hes salty about that even tho his own parents Ship: LAMP’D, Logince, Moceit, Moxiety, Lociet, Remy x Missy (background), Remy x Roman (also background) Word count: ~50,000 Warnings: No warnings apply. nightskyecosplay reblogged this from raevofdamned · nightskyecosplay liked  3 Nov 2019 the au with harry potter for sandersides but with more moxiety :DD :3 in herbology : and, because he has dem quality friends: #sanderssides #sanders #thomassanders #fanart #fandom #tumblr #logicality #ship #fandoms #prinxiety #romansanders #creativity #creativitwins # remussanders #moxiety #art #artist #artists #virgilsanders #pattonsanders # sketch #digital  Find and follow posts tagged ts spoilers on Tumblr Platonic Moxiety is my favorite thing Sander Sides, Thomas Sanders, Thomas And Friends, Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. You can read it on ao3 or ff. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Misquoting the Sanders Sides I've only been in the fandom for a single day, but if anything happened to my sons I would destroy everyone in the world and then myself. Alien Runaway au. Also, I’m gonna be very hush-hush about the specifics of this fic as I have been molasses-slow at writing it. (He may also have made it his mission to Me, arriving with an angsty moxiety teenager AU on my hands, and a smoothie: Oh you guys are going to LOVE this- my art mermay virgil sanders ts virgil mer!virgil ts patton patton sanders moxiety life is hard and drawing virgil as a giant orca mer makes it a little easier 1,013 notes May 7th, 2020 Open in app Apr 21, 2020 · Oh TUMBLRRR you’re not going to fucking believe this dude Chapter 1 part 9 is here dude, this is wild. Please do not reblog/add onto/write fics/draw art off requests! Wait for the real prompt! Submit a prompt - Here's how! Alternatively, request a prompt for me to write - Here's how! Please use these prompts for your own use - fanfiction, fanart, edits, etc. Something Incredible- soulmate au logince 684. Virgil woke up at 12:00PM dull every day, because there are no rules in quarantine and fuck you. It was deceit’s time to be on the other end. I mostly post and reblog Sanders Sides stuff and random things xD Occasionally other fandoms will make an appearance tho. Virge is everything he can’t have. I started this fic back in July and I finally finished it!! This was inspired by this wonderful piece of art by @fandergecko-The moon views the colorful city below from behind the some short moxiety angst bc I’m scared sdklsd. ———————– The swears are muffled in the sheets as Deceit grasps for something. Logan tells himself he’s okay with that, for the most part. The soft fabric of the pillow pressed against his face as he curled tighter around it. Warnings: PTSD induced panic attacks, crying, implied abusive past. Logan Sanders · Morality | Patton Sanders · Anxiety | Virgil Sanders · Parental Moxiety - Freeform · parental logince · Dad! This is my half of an art/writing trade with the wonderful Wren (dailypattondoodle on Tumblr). All Logan ships are valid. He was a real sucker for Sanders Sides fanfics, especially when they involved a good, explicit scene. (I am sorry, I’m really bad at summaries) Sep 05, 2017 · Pairing: Moxiety A/N: this is my first time writing these characters ever, so please tell me how i did! “…and did you know that Drifloon has one of the creepiest dex entries, like, listen, the thing takes kids away and just floats off with them. 12 MB. 46 notes. Paternal Moxiety . It’s the perfect love/hate relationship. Betaread by ExplainThatCode on wattpad . Mar 10, 2018 · Here's Moxiety, the sweetest thing known to man. Be kind to yourself! Can’t get enough of Moxiety! Great art friend, keep ‘em coming the au with harry potter for sandersides but with more moxiety :DD :3 in herbology: and, because he has dem quality friends: Word Count: 1,614. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I received an ask on tumblr requesting "You're so beautiful all spread out like this, just for me. - They sleep together in pajama pants and t-  this time featuring patton and virgil in each other's jackets, with the poses being  happy new year @youronelesbianfriend ! summary: It's a single dad au where Patton adopted winged! Virgil, who later one met mer!Roman and they fell love and live happily ever after. “D. They/them pronouns. Well, you've come to the right place for all of your Moxiety needs! Welcome to gut wrenching angst, tooth rotting fluff, nail biting anxiety and cute romance with these Moxiety One Shots! TW: unsympathetic patton, toxic moxiety, threats of starvation, rotten food, Human AU, manipulation . Day 4 of the 12 days of Christmas . Warnings: Making out. Hope you all enjoy! Please also check out the character designs on my cocreator’s @availe blog!! They’re beautiful designs!!! Now I really need to cosplay Remus to complete the aesthetic but which cosplay is your favourite? Moxiety: Thighs: Virgil really loves Patton’s thighs. featuring: immortals in love and some sappy slow dancing. (Most popular video: Sims 4 Legacy! [S1 Virgil: *lays his head on Logan's shoulder*. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t enjoying it. Triggers: Phonophobia Fluffuary 2020: Day 4 - Moxiety “Sad Werewolves and Ghost’s Get Cuddles” A short story for day 4 of @tsshipmonth2020 ‘s sanders sides “Fluffuary” event. Wow. maybe-i-like-the-misery reblogged this from moxiety-my-love gabe-killed-me-with-ace-cream liked this canonfanon reblogged this from moxiety-my-love CEO of Moxiety my art sanders sides fanart roman sanders patton sanders virgil sanders trickster trickster mode homestuck crossover trickster sides au royality prinxiety Apr 24, 2020 Posted on Monday, 24 February 2020. Pairings: platonic moxiety (background platonic analogical) Word-Count: 764. Warnings: Tickling (just one poke or something), tooth-rotting fluff. Logan had wanted to know what it was like on the other end for a while now. Soft moans left him as he begged Patton to move, “P-Please. “cozy mornings” : moxiety, fluff. tsart sanders sides incorrect quotes logicality moxiety a bit i2b4uart i2b4ucomic · ilyspacecats liked this. ” He whimpered, “Daddy, please move. (2,064 words) things are better here with you - moxiety with background logince! complete fluff. - all - all moxiety - - alternate universe moxiety ( college au - human au - high school au ) - moxiety angst - moxiety hurt/comfort - moxiety fluff - moxiety humor. I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m inclined to reveal some of my favorite unpopular Moxiety head canons because it’s love Moxiety o'clock apparently Virgil orders his coffee sugar sweet or drinks tea because coffee makes his anxiety worse, and Patton is the one who orders it black with a whole lot of sugar. moxiety | Tumblr Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. all the truth i could tell: The court case is about keeping them together. - all prinxiety - - all alternate universe prinxiety ( college au - human au - high school au ) - prinxiety angst - prinxiety hurt/comfort - prinxiety fluff - prinxiety humor. See More by ErstwhileSky. Moment’s Silence: Patton had been dodging the topic since he’d met the wonderous Human, afraid that his powers may sway something from Virgil that he wasn’t ready to give. Ache - angst, human!au, happy ending, analogical, 2. Summary: In which Satan gets a witch husband who hates rules and demands a throne. His eyes flew over the screen and stopped when he saw the ship of this story. Trigger Warnings: Implied previous character death, Implied character death, Food mention, Implied nudity (non-sexual) (I think that’s it, let me know if I need to add more!) Genre: Fluff (if you even want to call it that) Word count: 1048. ” mermay pink virgil mermay mermay2020 virgil mer!virgil merman!virgil tiny!virgil patton sanders sides thomas sanders gt g/t gt fluff g/t fluff moxiety 121 notes May 15th, 2020 Open in app “i’m a person and the person that i am can change” sadie is a character i have always really connected to, especially in terms of the mutually unhealthy relationship she had with lars. I can’t wait to threaten all of you to NOT ASK TO BE ON MY TAG LIST. ” —. calm, logicality, moxiety. there cant be any marks. Word-Count: 3. This is a part of my Follower Milestone Celebration, requested by @lonelyanxiousbean. Paternal Moxiety or Moxiety, up to you. Summary: Virgil is not feeling well, and Patton knows exactly how to deal with it. ~4 with moxiety? (I am so bad at signing off, lol. when virgil can’t sleep, he likes to watch the sun rise. Word Count: 1800. Roman scratched pitifully at Patton’s door, mentally thanking his stars that it was so late. What happens when the doctors struggle to diagnosis the disease responsible for Virgil’s rapid deterioration? Characters: Virgil, Patton, Roman, Logan, and sympathetic Deceit. Proud Hufflepuff. Good thing the human of the house knows about the borrower’s existence and has warmth to spare. It was like vanilla and chocolate and cherries. Surprise- high school au moxiety, 399. High quality Moxiety gifts and merchandise. Ships: Established moxiety, slow burn lomus, roceit. He knew what had caused it. I started this fic back in July and I finally finished it!! This was inspired by this wonderful piece of art by @fandergecko-The moon views the colorful city below from behind the Apr 23, 2020 · CEO of Moxiety If you haven’t seen that it’s on my insta- you can check it out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my art fanart art patton sanders roman sanders sanders sides digital art virgil sanders trickster homestuck crossover trickster sides au Gt and Sanders Sides Obsessed Hey! I'm someone obsessed with G/t and Youtubers, so I decided to combine them! I use she/her pronouns and you may call me Arc. rating: G. . Welcome to the Dumpster I go by JJ, if you don't mind. IDK just had an idea. Virgil doesn’t know what’s going on. The deafening sound of the fireworks rang in Patton’s ears as he cowered on the cold tile floor. Patton jolts and sits upright suddenly. Any outfit requests for the sides? To make things a bit more intresting for my self I will take random responces and put them together as a ship doodle because can sengen otp imagine otp prompts solangelo prinxiety imagine your otp imagine your ship sanders sides klance destiel logicality moxiety ineffable husbands kiribaku tododeku bakudeku victuuri 443 notes Feb 16th, 2020 Hospital AU. Vague allusions to past abuse (or at least mentions of terrible parental figures). So, so, so cute. net Daddy: Moxiety. In addition to art & fics, I may post a few headcanons for whatever my current hyperfixation is. Thumbnail by @bleepblopbloop56 on Tumblr My Links! Fic Series open for aks, art requests, art trades and collabs! Please give me art ideas Dm me for cursed facts and pics Relationships: Moxiety, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Roceit and Intrulogical. ------ Patton got Virgil A Daily Dose of Moxiety — Send in some requests, prompts, and questions! 1. 9k Warnings: brief mention of adoption and Virgil’s ex Commission - Moxiety Cuddles. Virgil just can’t figure out why. Please don’t repost without permission! Sanders Sides Smut Prompts. Virgil asks Patton on a date - well, he tries to. There’s…you could use that time productively, finally get some rest…” “I’m not leaving him alone, Logan! Not Based on a tweet I saw on Tumblr (long post and platonic Moxiety) Oh would you be so kind? Source: aimasup patton sanders virgil sanders those are the main sides so im not tagging the others Hoof the boys been a lot, thankfully this small emo isnt going to let patton talk bad about himself! (this took me a while to do only cause i wanted to leave some air of mystery to the backstory since we dont know who was that side yet and what on earth they said to patton, so that’ll be fun to explore!) Original drawings ==> Have I mentioned before that I love Patton? So much that I’m willing to draw him five times with the other sides? This is a redraw of a couple of drawings I did about two years Anonymous said: Now my stupid brain craves a ministory of Virgil sleep walking around the ship with roman freaking out while Logan is just tottaly chill and curious with a moxiety ending. Patton (PappyGames) is probably a Gamer and very popular among kids' parents because he doesn't scream cuss words. I drew Patton and colored Virgil. Moxiety: Thighs: Virgil really loves Patton’s thighs. It's where your interests connect you with your people. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. bunny222 reblogged this from em-be-lievable. i really hate to do this but i’ve been unable to get my very first job bc of how severe my anxiety and depression is and now that i’ve finally started to at least try looking this stupid fucking pandemic happened so now im even more screwed. Warnings: Jul 12, 2018 · Moxiety Cosplay!! Alright, so @theartisticnookworm and I got together and took a bunch of pictures and videos and it was WONDERFUL! (I was Virgil and she was Patton) Here’s a few of the best! The rest are under the cut because there is quite a lot! Apr 14, 2019 · love like you - moxiety! lots of fluff and a little bit of angst. 6k. | Vid | 14 | Female | Multifandom trash | DNI remrom shippers | Apr 15, 2018 · The best way to cheer Virgil up is by giving him a Patton™ 🌦️ @thatsthat24 General & platonic/romantic Moxiety taglists below the cut! [[MORE]]@romanamongthestars @sanders-trash-4ever @randomslasher ‘Storm Cloud?’ ‘Daddy. Logan: *pets his hair*. virgil sanders ahhhh this looks bad it was fine at first but now its bad sanders sides thomas sanders prinxiety analogical moxiety puffsart my YouTuber AU EDIT: this is going to be an AU. It's unusual for something like this to happen, so understandably I was a little curious. - all moxiety - - alternate universe moxiety ( college au - human au - high school au ) - moxiety angst - moxiety hurt/comfort - moxiety fluff - moxiety humor. But Roman’s testimony during the trial might just tear Logan apart. Logan’s hands are on his hips, nails Do you love Moxiety as much as I do? The adorable father figment and the angsty emo boi together! The most precious pair in the entire Thomas-sphere. In a world where 99,3% of the mundial population is born with a soulmark that indicates they have a soulmate, a little boy, apparently not destined to love, finds himself in the attic of an orphanage, and the adoption day is getting closer each day. Little Lotte- chef!Roman, critic!Logan human au logince, 822. After Patton sinks out, he heads off to find Roman and check on him, but before he can he bumps into Virgil. Tell daddy what you want Apr 03, 2020 · How about some soft platonic Moxiety? -Wander a/n- hope this suffices, dearest wanderer! it kinda went into a different direction than i originally planned but hey, those are the best kinds of Moxiety? I haven’t written Moxiety in a long-ass time, and LJ (aka @randomslasher) wanted some soft stuff, so here’s a half-awake attempt. @altruistic-skittles Word count: 1. Roman, Remus, Emile and Deceit are aliens. 46 notes Do you love Moxiety as much as I do? The adorable father figment and the angsty emo boi together! The most precious pair in the entire Thomas-sphere. Note: Distorted voice!Virgil. Sanders Sides OneShots - Just Stop (Moxiety) Read Just Stop (Moxiety) from the story Sanders Sides OneShots by nexngrxvestxne (ah shit) with 6,129 reads. Mar 13, 2020 · *slams pen down* ALRIGHT YEAH WE’RE DOIN THIS LADS SAKJNAFJN well i can get probably the introduction to the au done in comic form, next part has backstory lore so thats gonna be fun making! Most Pairing: Moxiety, can be read as platonic or romantic Characters: Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders Words: 654 Warnings: grief, mourning, off-screen character death, crying, hurt/comfort, this is a vent fic so read at your own risk Notes: I’m sorry, but I needed to get some of my feelings out and writing is something that has worked in the past for me. Hey, what’s up, it’s ya mod salty here. i wanted to draw moxiety so here’s this //do not repost// Very ironic that this april we are stuck at home with a new popular videogame thats about collecting various grist and crafting in a randomly generated world full of animal consorts. I don’t have the time or energy to run this blog alone, so it’s time to open up applications again! #artbyisa #sanders sides #virgil sanders #patton sanders #inktober #moxiety whitetiger94ficthings reblogged this from stop-it-anxiety sadgayisme liked this Gt and Sanders Sides Obsessed Hey! I'm someone obsessed with G/t and Youtubers, so I decided to combine them! I use she/her pronouns and you may call me Arc. 5M ratings 277k ratings If I could tell him - Moxiety (DEH one-shot thingy) Warning - Bullying Patton’s POV Autistic Patton Cute/protective Virgil —- Dear Patton Sanders, today is going to be a good day, and here’s why… the au with harry potter for sandersides but with more moxiety :DD:3. so if ya’ll got literally Summary: With autumn sneaking up on him, Patton realizes he’s a bit under-prepared for winter. Familial/Brotherly LAMP angst/hurt/comfort. I'm Haven, she/her, and I the moxiety fusion: pavir!! he’s your friendly neighborhood soft pastel goth who’s trying his very best Swirls and Soulmates ( @littlestr and I have been talking about a Patton X Remus and Deceit Soulmate Au, and it made me curious of how Patton finds out he’s not soulmates with the other sides and this kinda happened) Ships: Platonic Logicality (implied that Logan has a crush on Patton), FWB Royality, and QPR Moxiety. 5,222 notes Apr 29th financial help. Well, guess who our boys make? But the process isn’t as easy as you’d expect. ————————————————– They had been dating for a while. This is a conclusion of a ficlet I wrote a year ago. His favorite writer had posted another fanfic and he clicked so fast he almost broke his finger. Relationship: moxiety (obviously - but is is romantic or platonic ) Pairing: (Human AU) Queer Platonic Moxiety. Human!Sides. Sanders Sides Library Mod Quest! sanderssideslibrary:. bunny222 liked this Tag me in your Moxiety |A primarily Sanders sides side blog | Call me Blueberry or Blue! |Royality Fusion | In this house we stan Royality and Moxiety |icon by @sir-sunnybesh| Also serves as a place I put all of my Sanders Sides Fanart from my main since I keep forgetting this account exists Kinktober 2019 Day 9. I accept requests and prompts!! I always accept criticism as long as its constructive!! 7 with moxiety pretty please? A part of Virgil is grateful that he’s such a light sleeper, because Patton’s sudden gasp is enough to wake him and he knows immediately that something is wrong. A single fall. Brief discussion of a parental figure having died. Words: 1460 Pairings: Platonic Moxiety Warnings: Crying, Jealousy Patton has paternal instincts and treats Virgil like a baby. He really should have. Virgil: *smiles* “Thank you. ” I forget sometimes that “light sides” isn’t a canon term. Pop's Art and I LOVE YOU. Virgil seeing students/parents outside of school. So because I’m a slut for Moxiety and can’t decide what the other main ship to be in this one fic, I’m thinking a RoLoceit polyam thrupple. Text Post posted 1 hour ago. Virgil laying on his back, impaled on Patton’s cock. Patton is kneeled in between Virgil’s spread legs, slowly thrusting one finger in and out of the other. roceit loceit roloceit loroceit personal moxiety sanders sides fic sanders sides Pairings: Moxiety, Platonic Logicality. Awww thank you I hope this is okay and scratches that moxiety itch (Note: this is very much unedited really. add my mom being diabetic and unemployed on top of that and having a big family you get a huge scary mess. Here ya go! 💙💜 We both realized we hadn’t written moxiety in a while, so I suggested this be a thing!!! And then this got really long and now my half is going to be two of the tropes (found family and shapeshifting) in a multichapter fic that hopefully won’t go past ten chapters. Warnings: Acephobia, Internalized Acephobia, panic attack. (Except when it gets angsty, IT GETS ANGSTY) moxiety--sanders101 :O wow haven’t really been tagged in something like this before, thanks I tag @rjlae and ya know,,, anyone else that wants to try this :) Good Boy - Moxiety For the prompt: “G-God, don’t stop–” Action: 🔶 Patton decides to wake Virgil up with oral sex Aftermath: “Please, tell me if I did anything wrong” Kink: “Be a good girl/boy, and sit Paring(s): Moxiety, past Logince, Roceit and hinted Intrulogical. It was times like these Virgil craved. 42 4 174 (1 Today) A commission for @randomslasher over on tumblr. Summary: Logan, a graduate student studying the local ecosystem, discovers that the mystical creature populations are dwindling. A big ol' smooooch!!! #gt #giant #tsart #collabart # moxiety #patton #virgil #thomassanders #sanderssides #thomassandersfanart . crankywhenprovoked: “ Note: All these have been done in advanced, so I will not be taking ship or kink requests, thank you. not ts opportunity nada mars poem sasa frik nasa there wd go rover robot rip opportunity rip oppy oppy spiderman infinity war i dont feel so good mr stark i dont feel so good mr stark i dont wanna go iron man peter parker The undead. - and tag me! Prompt Fills Here. He let out a small cry in pain. Well, no more angst. Not edited. Naps. " Morality loves taking care of his honeybee in bed. Of course, like, Phantumps are souls of kids that died lost in the woods. Moxiety/Logince Solidarity don't let the aesthetic's fool you we're actually trash || @rose-gold-roman and @aliferous-ly joint tumblr, AKA where we post all of our collab works! Nov 01, 2017 · Pairing: Moxiety (could probablyyyy be read platonic but like…definitely not how I wrote it) A/N: thank you to @inalandofmythandtimeofmagic for telling me about that song, it’s so cute. View all prompts on Wattpad Pairing: Moxiety “There you go, baby, I’ve got you…” Virgil whimpers in response, his cock twitching and his hands gripping the sheets below him just a bit tighter. Virgil hummed as Patton’s arms slipped around his waist like ribbons made of silk, easing him closer until his back pressed up against the others belly and chest. Anyway- I have kakutaberry:. Warnings: Food mention, all sympathetic sides, swearing, crying, hurt/comfort, excessive fluff and somftness. Warnings: anxiety, self-deprecation, I think that’s it?? it ends happy. For Isa’s Sanders Bro AU. 215 . Moxiety: You are extremely touch starved and are craving a hug right now so you wear big sweater and fluffy blankets to cope . And also can’t wait to see the next episode of Sanders Sides!!! Sometimes you just gotta draw moxiety with a shit ton of layer modes. Gentle. Ships: Moxiety. Usually Virgil whacks the spiders, but if there’s one close to Virgil and he I recently rewatched Thomas’ video Learning New Things About Ourselves. I go by Liss and use any pronouns. So here’s this drawing. But actually, Rai’s parents were shoved out of the spotlight bc of Virgil’s parents (parent bc one of his other moms is just a child therapist, but they were a nice duo) All the fame and glory that Virgil’s parents got couldve been his family and hes salty about that even tho his own parents TO ELBAORTAE - bc Jamie is a man of few words - Rai dislikes Virgil and his family bc hes a baby. Virgil ran quick his eyes narrowing as he did, it was raining and he could feel his body straining up. when virgil has a panic attack, patton’s always there. Anonymous said: Can I request some sleepy moxiety cuddles please? It’s been a rough day but it doesn’t seem so bad when I’m thinking about thos bois Answer: here are the boys !!!! they sleepin !!!! Pairings: Loceit, Mentioned Moxiety, Implied Creativisleep (or whatever Roman x Remy is called) Word Count: 320 Words. I opened this up on my instagram so I’ll open it here. Roses are red, I don’t feel good Mr. this post is blacklisted because it contains food and is not fully visible on the index page Bold Concept (someone’s probably done this before idk) Virgil and Patton as ghost hunters, and surprisingly Virgil is the one who cuts through the crap and Patton is unnerved the whole time. This is a collab piece I did with my friend gentlegiantdreamer on Tumblr. I Am Your Entle Now. Pairings: platonic moxiety . Life Gets Sweeter: Meeting. a Flash Fiction prompt for @i-will-physically-fight-you, who requested platonic moxiety and/or a sequel piece to this prompt! i went for both, hope you enjoy!. Hi! You can call me Birdie. Logince is a bit complicated but it somehow works. WARNING: NSFW-They don’t really know how they ended up like this. I was struck by moxiety feels in that video. He was emotions, after all, which meant he felt every emotion- not just the happy ones. Open for rp in messages for various different fandoms, just ask. (I am sorry, I’m really bad at summaries) Words: 1227 Pairings: Platonic Moxiety Warnings: Nudity and embarrassment Patton has parental instincts and treats Virgil like a baby. Language: English Words: 1,232 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 569 Bookmarks: 21 Hits: 8988 I was in my room, scrolling through my tumblr when the most amazing smell came wafting through the door. I'm pansexual. Just take some lovely ship stuffs. in other news cherish is once again procrastinating i2b4uart i2b4u's doodles this took a precious half hour lmao moxiety tsart thomas sanders virgil sanders patton sanders kiss flowercrownknight liked this I think it’s interesting how Roman called the other sides “the dark sides,” once and the fandom automatically set the main cast as “the light sides. My older art can still be found on my main. If it's Pedophilic and/or Incest, please stop, and don't touch this blog or its contents. moxiety 14 summary: virgil admits that he’s in love with patton… shit happens. 3k. The crew saves him, and keep him safe until he gets better. Virgil’s tongue curled over the lollipop in his mouth, the overly sweet sugar making his stomach churn and grumble. Feb 04, 2020 · Ship: Moxiety AU: Human Word Count: 1927 Summary: Virgil is set up on a blind date by his friends Roman and Logan, much to his dismay. Pairings: Moxiety and Logince. | Feel free to call me Mary or Moosu | Main Blog: @msu82 | Hey lovelies! There's over 4000 6000 of you (as of 2/19/19)! Be chill, if you can spare, if y'all bought me some ko-fi Hi there, I'm rather shy, but I've been really wanting to talk to the people in Sanders Sides community because everyone seems so lovely, so I thought I'd message some of the artists that inspire me just to tell them how much I appreciate their art! have some snakey boi text posts :) Logan leaned over, resting his head on a couch cushion as he watched the other light sides nudge and shove each other from their places in front of the television. Summery: Everyone has five (5) Sides, who must fuse to form one (1) human. I am Aro, Ace, and Sex-Repulsed and partially Romance-Repulsed. Public. Stark My battery is low and it’s getting dark. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. The Sanders Sides As Various Fantasy Creatures!! — uh,, i made a moxiety fusion a while ago, and im 1. Today I have lost someone who meant the TO ELBAORTAE - bc Jamie is a man of few words - Rai dislikes Virgil and his family bc hes a baby. Hello everyone! Welcome to the first written installment of the Sanders Sides bakery AU!!! Hope you all enjoy! Please be sure to read the warnings/triggers and protect yourself. ~~~~~ It isn’t at all the place Virgil imagined for him. His eyes narrowed at the other end of the couch despite no one being there. Tbh, I’ve always meant to do a follow-up. Warning: Swearing, sexual jokes, Remus-like ideas, mention of tearing one’s heart out of their chest, kissing, Roman is an oblivious dumbass, Virgil is a pining dumbass, and Remus is a dumbass dumbass who loves his dumbass brother Muffin's Art & Fanfic Dump This is @yourelost-itsokay's art sideblog. Word Count: 1,779. perhaps this wasn’t the best idea…but how was he supposed to know he’d regress? “rock a bye” : platonic moxiety, fluff. LAMP is just ONE HUGE CUDDLE PILE of fluff and rainbows and sunshine and hearts and everything good in this world. Rough - Moxiety For the prompt: Promt 12. He proposes a new theory, of a creature larger than life hiding out in the forest. virgil can’t sleep. 19 Oct 2018 About | The fandersfic group blog for moxiety. A/N: this is so bad but i just needed a writing warm up so here you go. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. I may come back and flesh this out further, but for now it is what it is) Wedding Signs . ” With moxiety, top!patton please ~ Anon Patton tended to get carried away with a lot of things but especially sex, A Daily Dose of Moxiety. Well, you've come to the right place for all of your Moxiety needs! Welcome to gut wrenching angst, tooth rotting fluff, nail biting anxiety and moxiety: “safe harbors” : platonic moxiety, hurt/comfort. Show More. did you just make that noise?” warnings: minor self-deprecating language Virgil has three types of laughter, Patton has discovered. Virgil’s leaning against the wall, arms crossed and shoulders hunched, eyes trained on the ground. (Moxiety) FIRST TIME STARTERS . I'm 22, they/them pronouns please. Source king--lance Via king--lance. Reblog. moxiety tumblr

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